Blue Square Blog-29th December Work

Today was nominated as a running maintenance day to prepare cars for service next week.

Our gang was made up of Steve Green, Rob Cresswell, Graham Thompson, Pete Finch and Mark and Steve M.

Rob and Steve G  checked all lubricants, and topped up as required on engines, gearboxes, final drives, angle drives and coolants with Steve then cleaning through the train.

Meanwhile Graham T. checked 208 batteries and charge rate. He tried to remove a broken or sheared bolt inside the underframe on 56208 to replace with new. All methods were tried, but this may require a car lift to get at the offending sheared bolt.

Mark and Steve M moved onto doing some more work to create a working 4 character head code box swapping the working one from 52064 into 51941. Lighting was checked but the box may have to come down again owing to a troublesome mechanism.

Pete Finch came for about three hours to progress our second e/fan  wiring by mounting a fuse  box in the BIS box on 51941. This was located in position and bolted down. The 8mm terminals were opened out to fit 5/16th BSF fixings in the BIS and new wiring was measured up for completion at his home workshop. He will progress the testing of a spare AC203 alternator for fitment to 51941 in the New Year.



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