Blue Square Blog- 22nd December Work

Just two members of DMU Group met at Kidderminster namely Pete Finch and TRD. This was to check in our container there if we had a spare stone guard to fit the new radiator.

Pete had arrived earlier and found a guard attached to an old radiator. Pete spent about 90 minutes releasing the guard  owing to corroded nuts and bolts that had not been moved in many years. This job pointed up yet again our need to sort and stack all our spares in correct order. There is very little room for anyone to work properly. Pete had to turn the rad over with some difficulty owing to colliding with other heavier items like brake cylinders and cylinder heads. About 12.00 we cleared up and locked the container and went to KDR Yard Mess room for tea and coffee. We paid a visit to the TMD to see Hymek 7029 up on the jacks with bogies removed and being cleaned and serviced. There we met Steve Wainwright who has supplied cabling for the next fan project on our cars. Over the weekend the stone guard has been cleaned of built up crud ready to be grit blasted and painted in the New Year.



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