Blue Square Blog-1st December work

Ben, Mark, Steve and Graham on duty at BY today. TRD arrived very late after some delays en route. The set had been out on Staff train duties earlier when two heaters refused to work just when they are required most urgently. Ben and Mark later flushed out fuel lines to heaters on 56208 and 52064 then they worked properly. Mark topped up all batteries as required. Ben cut through an exhaust pipe manifold bolt that had rusted and needed replacing. Neil will re-adjust on 3rd when he comes back to Bewdley.  Graham was in discussion with Chairman Steve about fixing dates for future meetings with SVR management. Later in the morning Ben and Steve located two spare alternators to replace one faulty one on 51941 next time. Also they located two spare water pumps as stand-by items to replace one with a broken impeller. About lunchtime a broken switch was found on the desk of 41. This was replaced  after which all lights at the front of cab failed. Graham, Ben and Mark spent most of the afternoon trying to locate the fault with no success. For the evening Carol Train the driver. had to provide two loco headlamps for the return journey.




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