Blue Square Blog-19th November Work

Steve, Mark, Neil, Pete and TRD met at BY to progress some maintenance.

Neil checked all engines, gear boxes, angle drives and belts. Topping up as required with oils.

Pete and Steve set about finding the reason for No 2 alternator on 51941 not charging. He found one of the brush boxes was not making good contact on the slip rings. He looked inside the machine and tested the stator and the field windings. Then he cleaned the slip rings with some very fine grade paper on the end of a pencil to clean off some burnt patches. When run this clean showed a good charge. Later when all was put back together the meter showed no charge. He went through the same process at least three  more times with no improvement. By this time it was getting late and losing daylight. We may have to exchange alternators when we have dug out one of our spares.

Meanwhile Mark went ahead to clean and adjust glow plugs, and tested each heater in turn. Those on 33 and 64 could not be made to work and it is now thought to be a fuel blockage in the supply line.

A busy but quite cold day with some sun to lighten things up, then the rains stared and by mid-afternoon Mark and TRD had to depart. Mark to go to work and TRD to Whittles Kidderminster to meet Andy Lyes and Bernard Rogers to progress work on a vintage coach water pump. Finally the working parts were dismantled and handed to TRD for cleaning and repair.



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