Blue Square Blog-27th October Work

A good turnout of members at BY to prepare cars for winter. Those present were Graham T, Neil L-B, Rob C, Pete Finch and TRD trailing in last. Robert and Neil strengthened anti-freeze in all engines. Rob checked all oils and Neil adjusted two engines with low idle speeds. These were set by ear owing to Tachometer not being available today.

Graham drained all tanks in all cars, and replaced a cistern handle in one WC and Loctited it in place. He spent a long time in the rain and sleet unravelling the charger cables to supply both trailer cars.

All five engines were run for about four hours to charge power car cells. Pete checked outputs with his meter and found No.2 alternator on 51941 does not charge properly. It is suspected that the brush box could be faulty. We could not locate the spare that we know we have so this job and will have to be done at later date. Pete replaced one exhaust manifold bolt  owing to a nut missing. This cleared the fume leak.

Pete is also planning the next two electric fan installations following the success of the first one fitted last year. He has made a universal template that will fit most of the radiators. He will obtain two new 3mm thick steel plates and have them profiled to his template.  The rest of the fittings he needs are being assembled and wiring will be planned soon.

We took a break from the sleet and strong wind and had black tea and coffee because we forgot to buy some milk. When the rain ceased Pete and Graham hauled the hot washer out and prepared it for use. The machine worked well and Pete washed the fan unit and high profile radiator lying behind BY shed door. After this the washer was drained and filled with antifreeze to protect the flash boiler and high pressure pump. This was returned to outside storage, and HP hoses were stored on roof of shed to keep them clean. The lance was drained and stored inside shed.

Ben Darby was driver on the steam heat Class 40 with Mark Miller as his second-man for the day.

The whole day has been a success despite the rain and sleet and all planned jobs have been completed.



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