Blue Square Blog-29th September Work.

Just two at KDR this morning, Ben and TRD. The job was to return the cars to BY to clear Kiddy yard for the 50 event next week. The units were right down CS1 meaning a quite a walk for the writer. We checked the cars over before starting engines as no Group members had worked on them for a about 3 weeks. Four engines started well, but No2 on 50933 had to be controlled with the hand throttle until it would idle without further attention. The problem is that the idle speed is too low. Around 11.15 we were called into P2 to await the road to BY. TRD travelled by road to BY to deliver a gear controller and wiper motor control valve that has recently been serviced into the BY Container for safe storage. At this point we both disposed of the cars and drained air and vacuum. We noted that No 1 engine on 51941 has exhaust manifold bolts that are loose with a nut missing from one bolt hence gasses are escaping. The pressure washer needs draining and winterizing next time we can get a gang together.




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