Blue Square Blog: 10th August Work

A gang of three members gathered at BY to further investigate the electrical fault in 52064 drivers desk. Pete, Graham and Steve checked out every possible circuit one by one to prove if the wiring was in good condition. Also learning at the same time precisely which function was operated by the circuit under test. Meanwhile Neil spent time adjusting idle speed on No.1 engine on 51941. He checked out the heavy knocking coming from No. 2 engine on 50933. This is suspected to be big-end knock meaning the engine will have to be exchanged and then repaired.

Over a morning tea-break they were joined by Trevor who had been out purchasing parts for the next fan installation and these were delivered into the running shed.

A plan has been drawn up between the four present on how to go about obtaining a replacement cylinder block that has been offered in Gloucestershire. Discussion took place to pick a date to go and assess what is on offer, and if it is a like for like item we expect to bring it back with us. A date has been fixed for hire of a flat-bed truck by Steve and he will drive for us that day. By good fortune Pete has kindly volunteered to be second man. TRD will follow with lashings.

 For the rest of the day the gang carried on searching the fault above. Late afternoon Pete told me they had found a loose connection under the desk in a difficult position to reach that needed some 2 BA switches to be unbolted to get at the fault. So far no one has reported if the repair has solved the problem yet.



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