Blue Square Blog-11th May Work

A gang of four persons worked in the KDR Carriage Shed on technical matters. A number of jobs were tackled including replacing nuts and bolts in some of the drive shaft flanges on 50933 and 52064 by Ben and Steve. Meanwhile Pete carried out an item by item search for bad connections below the desk in 64. The condition of the wiring was very poor in places with pieces of wire added on by different depots as they broke or failed. He tidied up connections to the buzzer and replaced a duff switch, removed the FG1 key barrel to get at the many connections attached to the switch unit and made sure they were tight before replacement in the desk top. Pete had made up a simple test box to check his work and this proved his time on this job was worthwhile. Clips and electrical joints on the new fan were checked again to ensure everything is settling properly. Discussions took place on continuing with another fan installation.

The joiner from SVR C&W has finished in our three-car set and has moved on to the two-car set. We are hopeful there will be less to do on these two cars.

59250 has been taken into SVR C&W shops for vital work to be carried out on the gangway connections at each end of this car. The adjustments to the bogies has yet to start when we can locate a gang to carry out this work.



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