Blue Square Blog: 21st April 2018

A complete wasted day for Steve, Ben, Graham, Rob, Pete, and TRD. The cars are still under repair in CS and we need them outside for test running purposes. We did not have a shunter until nearly mid-day when the cars were put outside on CS 1 toward the back, making it a long way to carry tools and get anything done. The cars had to be back inside by 16.30. The lads re-bedded two injectors on 50933 and carried out brake rigging adjustments on 933 and 56208. Pete tried to get the electric fan to work at idling. This really needs the cars out on a trip to get things running hot. Very disappointing. The F&C trips start today hauled by coaching stock and the King with our staff on board.


Further update from Pete Finch below.

Overall today was a very frustrating one, not getting our hands on the unit until lunchtime through various reasons, meant the planned activities didn’t all get achieved.
Once the unit was out of the shed,  engines were started and I hoped to get 52064’s no 2 up to a temperature to activate the new fan and see if we blew more fuses.
After a couple of hours the header tank temperature was still only in the low 70s, (but several degrees warmer than engines running with the mechanical fan) but after Trevor had departed, the air temperature lifted a few degrees and I  hoped this would help, it did a bit, but with time running out as the unit had to go back in the shed at 4.30, we decided to rev the engines in an attempt to raise the temperature, this worked, the header tank temperature lifted to over 90 deg, and after a while the fan switched on, only ran for 20 – 30 secs before switching itself off, we kept the engine running at this rate and the fan switched on and off successfully a couple of times with the header tank temperature around 88 deg, the fan only running for about 20 – 30 secs each time, showing how effective the fan and new clean radiator are at cooling the coolant.
So hopefully this will work well when we get the unit back in service.
(One down 5 left to do ?)

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