Blue Square Blog: Work Carried out on 31st March 18

A gang of six turned out for work at KDR this morning amidst rain showers with a cold wind coming in from the North. The jobs in hand were to complete the electric fan installation, finish off the coolant plumbing to same engine, and exchange injectors on 50933.  The day started badly by having to wait to drag our cars out of CS 3 road. Which meant very little was done until  nearly mid-day. As Pete had to leave early; testing of the electric fan was the most important job. The engine was started and left to run up to full heat while Pete and TRD went for a lunch break. The fan was test run cold before starting, then on return it was checked for running when hot only to find the fan circuit had blown a fuse. A check was made and a second fuse inserted; this also blew out. We stopped engine to prevent overheating so that next time there we can investigate the cause of the failure.

The injector exchange on 50933 came to a halt when it was found the bag of new injectors was a copper washer short. BY 13.00 Neil and Graham had to depart for home, leaving Steve, Ben and TRD to complete jobs. The others went for a late lunch then went back to BY to collect more washers. On return this was fitted and all head pipework was put back on the cylinder heads. A trial revealed that one injector was not seating well and had to be withdrawn for inspection. This was lightly tapped back into place and the bridge nut tightened down, a second trial showed a better fit but it still showed a leak past the seating which will be put right on return to BY. We then had to wait for the stock to be shunted back into the CS and it was about 17.30 when we went to book off. It has been a very frustrating day for us all and getting very little done for the time we have been in the Yard today.



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