Blue Square Blog: Week Ending 18th Feb 18

Wednesday 14th Feb

Today’s gang of Steve, Pete and Graham, with TRD lagging behind trying to keep warm. Most of the day was continuous rain with only a few less wet spells. Pete has moved forward with the design of the wiring for the rad fan project. He has finished the supply from the BIS switch as far as the relay box. Some more shorter lengths of cabling have been made up to suit the current project and the installation of the No 1 engine fan. TD assisted with a pencil gas flame to heat and deposit a pool of solder into two 8mm terminals and dunking the stripped ends of the cables to secure and form a good connection to the spade terminals at the opposite end to connect the 20 amp relay. All we need now is to collect a new radiator so various fittings can be attached, and the fan plate bolted to the inside of the radiator core. TRD will collect on 15th of this month.

While this was being done Steve G. and Graham finished the ceiling panels in 59250, swept out and disposed of rubbish in all cars and mopped the floors. They emptied all engine parts from 52064 cab and saloon. At 14.00 Pete and TRD had to leave early, while Steve and Graham started to erect the extra security fixings for the Running Shed. We left them working in the rain and cold wind. Our grateful thanks to all who turned out today. Our first service train will be on 17th February 10.30 of the Rock forming the 11.35 to Bridgnorth from Kidderminster.

Other work this week

Last Wednesday a gang of three plus TRD found ourselves at BY to clear the last of the necessary jobs for the unit to run on the 17th. Steve G and Graham fixed the last two new ceiling panels in 59250 and fitted the cover strips to hide the joins. Pete Finch and TRD worked together to advance the electric fan wiring ahead of fitting the new radiator. Steve and Graham cleaned the train and mopped the floors right through. GT and Steve continued with trial fitting of the new security lock on the Running Shed.

On Thursday TRD travelled to BoT to collect the repaired radiator. This was taken to Fern Bank Workshop for the fitting of parts to suit the new rad. The many nuts and bolts required to complete this job seems never ending. Today new six hole gaskets have been made in Nitrile rubber to suit the two holes in the top header where two 5lb sq. inch safety valves were fitted.
With a heavier core just one valve will suffice the other has been blanked off. The valve has been mounted toward the right hand side of the header with a leak off hose being secured to the right side of the rad frame. This is to allow easier checking when the engine is hot, since the valve cannot be observed as it is mounted high in the underframe of the car. The air deflector plates have been fitted to channel all air through the central area of the new core. This is an awkward job owing to bolts being in close proximity where the hex heads clash so some heads have to two sides of a hexagon removed to avoid clashing. All this fiddling takes up a lot of time. One of the last jobs to be done is painting the new fittings with a coat of Ferguson Grey.

17th of the month saw the crew of Steve, Ben and Pete Finch as second-man prepare the cars for the day’s service. 52064 had close to flat batteries and only just got the car started. Pete checked the alternators and found them not charging. Despite the fact that the Group has only recently fitted new brush sets. After the fast run ECS to Kidderminster and taking fuel, it was found the car was charging correctly. Perhaps a case of bedding-in did the trick. TRD rode as travelling observer to detect any other problems with underframe machinery.



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