Blue Square Blog: Week Ending 10th March 18

A good working gang of Rob, Ben, Graham and Chairman Steve, with TRD trailing in behind. The weather was wet, very overcast and not that warm. Although the air temperature had risen by 10 deg form the weekend before. The first job was to remove the old heater under 52064, and replace with one repaired by the late Martin Harris. Once refitted it was trial run but a lack of combustion resulted in TRD suggesting we get on with fitting the new radiator to 64. With the weather going from bad to worse Steve, Rob and Ben set themselves the difficult task of uplifting this heavy item into positon. Before lifting Graham, and the gang fitted the electric fan mounting plate. This requires the tall header tank to be tilted backward to put it into positon on the two hanging brackets adjacent. The lift was done by Ben and Rob with the others helping as required. The two bolts with the rubber cushion mounts and the stay rod were next to be fitted and lock wired to prevent loss. A tea break was called with biscuits and cakes and a good rest. In the afternoon the original plumbing between engine and radiator were fitted. While this was going on Rob decided to rationalise the cats-cradle of 5/8th bore expansion tubing, made up of varying lengths of copper and rubber tubing. By the look of it; it may have been a BR bodge job at different times in working life. This gave Ben and Rob the opportunity to re-align the 2” copper and rubber tubing as well. There is now additional space since the space occupied by the old mechanical fan and cowling along with removal of the angle drive gear box and mounting bracket will allow more room for engine fuel pump exchange.

 The time taken to re-arrange the pipe work was time well spent and looks very tidy beneath the floor. The coolant system was filled with water and engine started to test for leaks. The engine ran for 90 minutes to allow the thermostat to reach its fully open state, then TRD compered the difference between engine and the new top header tank by checking with the palm of his hand, and found them to be equal. As he ran his hand down the new matrix to the bottom header there was comfortable decline until the bottom where it was found to be just hand warm. This was deemed by all as a successful operation. L:ater the water was flushed out and the system replaced with 50/50% anti-freeze solution.

 During the previous week, member Pete had a day on 64 to complete the wiring  and new electric fan kit. This could not be finished waiting for the rad to be lifted under the car. With all the excitement of fitting the rad we forgot to plumb in the new temperature sender unit which can be fitted by dropping the new coolant into a drum low enough to fit this vital piece of equipment then the new fan. The set had to be completely finished because it goes into storage at KDR for two weeks over the SVR Spring Gala weekend. After that the set will be withdrawn from service for a few weeks to allow major work on door locks and hinges to be dealt with by SVR Carriage Works.



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