Blue Square Blog: 24th March Work

Steve Green and TRD met at KDR at 10.00 to progress  a few jobs we could get at. Steve kindly arranged for me to carry all tooling to the CS, but when he went to the S\B the bobby had gone to collect his breakfast. We had to wait for him to get back before keys could be booked out. Moments prior, Roland Bull arrived and unlocked the first gate until Steve walked back from the SB. While unloading tooling RB whisked Steve away to teach him how to book into the CS.  On return the usual banter and leg pulling took place. We both went to the 64 heater and removed the hot/cold detector cover. On checking we found the primary start circuit not switching on. TRD showed Steve how to go about setting the thermostat to give the heater a chance to switch on the glow plug, and allow it to run. When the rod on the heat exchanger has heated up it will change over to the run mode and will run until switched off or runs out of fuel. Steve put it all back together. Then we went to check if the bottom hose bracket on the fan system was what was wanted. We found the two mounting holes needed enlarging, and the bend angle needed to be much sharper. So this has returned to the drawing board for modification
ready for 27
th next week.
The cars are still on CS 3 because there is a lot of work being carried out internally. Where some doors are stripped or insecure for movement.
Later we went to KDR container and found three guards doors with full set of hinges, but only one passenger door with three half-hinges.
Later still we went to BY to deliver some items into the running shed. Keith Brown stopped to tell Steve what jobs they are doing while the Rock is empty.

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