Blue Square Blog: 16th March Work

A gang of three signed on today to work on 52064 in CS 3 using the pit to complete the work required to put the electric fan project into service during the next few weeks. We had to manhandle our tools from Bewdley to Kidderminster. Steve arranged for us to use my car to convey the gear as far as the carriage shed. The Spring Steam Gala was in full swing and there was very little space in the parking area. Pete’s first job was to decide where to cut through the top header pipe to locate the tube with the temperature sender as close as possible to the top header tank. Prior to this Steve and Pete drained about ten gallons of coolant from the system low enough not to lose too much volume. Next was to cut through a 2” copper pipe which is not easy with a coarse blade in a hacksaw frame. Trial and error played its part because there is not much room under a 108 power car, to locate the sender unit where it can be reached if it needs servicing. By 12.30 Pete and Steve had fitted all the plumbing back together clipping it all as they moved along. They ran short of 2” clips so some joints have been single clipped until more can be provided. After a lunch break the team went back to fill the system  and had a succession of drips where joints need their second clip. We noted the bottom hose needs an extra bracket making up to clip the hose in a straight line and not cause extra strain upon the existing clips. TRD will make up a trial sample over this weekend for fitting at a later date.

The next stage in the process was to fit the new fan onto the radiator special mounting plate. This having been prepared some weeks ago while the new rad was still out of the car. Following mounting and tightening of bolts, Peter prepared to wire up the fan and the sender unit complete with new conduit fittings. Each circuit was tested in turn to check the fan would run by using the test switch fitted to the relay box. By late afternoon the gang could do no more because we cannot use engine insides the CS. The next stage will be to finish the work by fitting a bracket to bottom hose, double clipping of all hose joints topping up with coolant. Then giving the system a trial outside the CS. The No2 engine on this car must not be used at all, until Pete, Steve and TRD can be present to witness the running of the cooling system. To ensure it is fit for service.

 While the cars are in the CS the door locks, striking plates, window regulators, lazy tongs are being repaired, and internal doors are receiving new timber panelling. Later the door hinges will be bored out and new pins made to extend the life of the hinges. A paid man from C&W is repairing the doors and frames as required to meet current regulations. The cars had a mechanical inspection by Richard Williams using our own report as a guide. There are some bogie issues that will need attention in due course but nothing too serious at the moment.



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